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Manleyorv is a company specializing in the production of custom campers. We have our own production factory, which allows us to provide personalized design and manufacturing services according to the specific needs of our clients.

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*It hit the breaking point when I got my dog, Ruby. With her in the back, I had no room at all. So I went online and started venting on my favorite forum and someone posted a picture of their old military trailer, called a M416. It was love at first sight. I loved my Jeep because it was functional, utilitarian and I could modify it to meet my needs. This trailer struck those same chords. Plus, I could throw all my gear in the trailer and my dog in the back of my Jeep and hit the trails. PERFECT!

I set out on a journey to find an affordable M416 in usable shape. To my disappointment, each one I found was either destroyed, expensive or far away. So growing frustrated, I gave up on the search and sold my Jeep. 

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